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Panamanian Coffee in Your Hands by: Makea Coffee Bar

Panamanian Coffee in Your Hands by: Makea Coffee Bar

We all know that Panama smells like coffee, but can you imagine what it tastes like? I invite you to my coffee bar where you will learn the history of coffee from its origin and how it came to this beautiful country. Then you will live first-hand a sensory experience where you will test your senses by experiencing the flavor of Panama coffee.

You will be able to see, touch, smell and taste this drink that we love. I present different coffee preparations which you can try and see the versatility of the coffee I serve. You will prepare your first pour over in an artisanal way and you can pair it with different traditional Panamanian snacks. It is an experience focused on beginners in the world of coffee.


  • Drinks: Pour Overs, expresso, cold brew, water, cascara tea
  • Snacks: salt and sweet Panamanian treats to pair with the coffee
  • 2hrs experience
  • $30 p/p
  • Time: 10am
  • Book: 24hrs previous the day (due to availability)